You know God really supplies all of our needs no matter what they are.

What might seem small to someone else is huge for me. I came to Susie over weight, big hips and butt, right knee trying to go out, no upper body strength, and no energy but it has all changed, seriously.
I am a double breast cancer survivor who ended up having to have double mastectomies with reconstruction causing me to have multiple surgeries which effected upper body strength, but God allowed me to hear about Ms. Susie’s TFT class and sign up in September and I tell you, it has truly been a Blessing to Me!
My upper body strength has improved so tremendously and I am getting stronger. My knees are feeling better allowing me to stand longer and move around without having to take a break. My stamina has increased along with loosing weight and tightening up I feel so much better,and I am sleeping better also.
Susie is an awesome trainer who is connected with God in which allows her to hear his voice and get instructions on what to do for us, and every session be right on the money of what my body needs to worked on. She also causes you to be motivated and committed to the process because you see the results which causes you to trust her in what she’s doing. I love Susie and I am so grateful for her because I do not Have to settle and be content with being unhealthy, out of shape, and over weight. God gave me help in Susie Turner and I am so happy!
Thank You so much Susie for helping me, love you.
Roticia Shaw

About five months ago I contacted Susie Turner after listening to her interview about her fitness program.

I have been to many trainers and gyms. However, this was different because it deals with fitness bands. Susie has worked with me through my shortcomings. Because of her I have been able to get down on the floor and do certain floor exercise with her, which is something I was not able to do before. Above all, she is very patient with me. She even has a way of working through difficult issues such as pain in different areas of your body.  She doesn’t push you to your pain instead she pushes through your pain. It really helps I feel great afterwards. I do see difference in the way I feel and the way I look. My clothes fit loose, and I feel great. I am looking forward to many more days with Susie in 2021.
Villia Davis

Let me start off by saying that Susie Turner is the bomb!!

She is such an amazing trainer and provides encouragement to get you through every session.  She has a spirit of excellence about her from the time you walk in until you leave out of the door.
I have been working out with Susie since September 2020 and I have seen amazing results in such a short period of time.  As a 55-year-old woman, my body was beginning to tell my age!  I had dimples in my legs, my stomach was getting too big and other body parts were beginning to look aged.  I thought it would take me a few years to get this old body back in shape, because I always heard it takes longer the older you get.
I can honestly say, I have worked out for years in a gym, but never again.  It is not for ME!  Getting a 30 min workout, 3 times a week with Susie, has transitioned my body to a point where I will be in a bathing suit without a full cover-up come spring / summer and my dimples in my legs are gone!  (SMILE).
Like Susie says, we don’t have to accept that as we get older our bodies will be pulled down by gravity.  It is not true, and I am walking proof!
Thank you, Susie, for getting this 55-year-old body in shape!
Cecilia Ward